Expert Care

All our technicians are LPG certified and use only the latest FDA certified equipment.

We use the latest Endermologie techniques and equipment available in the United States.  All our staff are certified by LPG®.  Our normal session is 55 minutes versus others are only 30 minutes.  We use the exclusive LPG® Scan application to track and verify your progress.  (You can still get results from other lesser systems, [i.e. Keymodule] but they will require many more treatments over a longer period of time.  Make sure the machine they are using is from the LPG® INTEGRAL model series.)

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation adjunct

  • Natural Beauty

  • Face and Body Treatments

We have personally tried other treatments ourselves.  We know this works, that’s why we do it.  Come see for yourself.  Book an appointment now.